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Only Losers Take The Bus!

The title of this week's blog post is a rather catchy little song by The Fatima Mansions - I'd never heard of them or the song but MrT added it to my running tracks playlist earlier this week - I think he was hoping it would encourage me when I heard it. However, when it popped up on my playlist today whilst I was about half way up the very steep hill that is Anchor Road (going from Longton to Adderley Green), I'm not sure whether I found it inspirational or just annoying! However, it did bring a smile to my face as I kept pushing myself to keep going to the top of the hill - no bus for me today on Anchor Road! First Potteries Route #2 goes between Longton and Adderley Green up Anchor Road! For those of you who run in and around Stoke-on-Trent, Anchor Road will be familiar to you. You've probably run up it many times, especially if you've completed in the Potters 'Arf. For those who've never experienced the joys, just think of a road near to you that