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I'm in the final phase of marathon training now, tapering (or reducing) my mileage and resting a little bit more than usual. I've completed all my long training runs, done most of my speed sessions and there's not much more to be done. For the next two weeks, I need to stay fit and healthy, eat and sleep well, all with the aim of getting to the startline in London in as good shape as possible... easy, right?  So to keep me occupied and hopefully out of trouble, I'm going back to my roots... not quite home to Lancashire, but back to the roots of my blogging and fundraising for Cancer Research . I've started making cards again. This is proving to be an excellent diversion. To stave off the taper madness, I've gone card crazy.  I've used a series of designs and images from the Far East to create some cards to offer words of encouragement and inspiration: I've found some funky floral paper, old buttons and some little card flowers to put

The Late Late Show

Two years ago, I lined up on the startline of the Stafford Half Marathon for my first ever half marathon. I'd followed a 12 week training programme, gradually building up my running distance and increasing my speed. I nervously joined the other runners in the starting pen and set out on a sunny Sunday in Stafford to achieve my 2 hour goal. The race itself was a bit of a blur - I remember dropping my jelly babies and having a struggle in mile 12. But I did it, my first half marathon. A quick look back at my blog post from that day reminds me of my achievement but also how far I've come with my running (even if my hair looks remarkably similar). After the Stafford Half in 2012 - warm but proud of my achievement This weekend, I lined up for the Stafford Half for the second time, having been offered the chance of a last minute place (thanks to Kate's uncle). My marathon training plan for this weekend suggested a half marathon race so it all seemed like a good plan, ev

A Place in the Sun

This weekend was the peak of my training for the London Marathon... racing the Ashby 20 and testing out whether I can run that distance at marathon pace. After my Eureka moment last month about cumulative fatigue, I made sure I ran a couple of tough sessions in the week (including some km splits on Friday) so I would start with the right mindset... I was testing myself over the last 20 miles of the marathon and not the first. Last year, the race took place in  snow, rain and cold , but completing it convinced me I could run the Greater Manchester Marathon. This year, the sun was out and despite a chilly start, by the time we started running it was warm, really warm. Another challenge to add to the mix. The race in a paragraph... the route was the same as last year, an undulating course in the shape of a lollipop, and my race experience was very similar (apart from the weather). I started off strong, possibly going a little bit too fast on the encouraging downhills in the first coupl