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One Day Like This

Yesterday, I completed the Potters 'Arf - my second half marathon and a very tough experience, especially the last two miles. But I did it and also within my 2hour target, so I could pick up my bronze medal... In the build-up to the race, I was a little bit nervous. I'd had a really mixed experience with my training - I didn't run properly for about 2 weeks after a cold/cough amidst the dreadful weather and had only managed 2 of my planned 4 long runs. I'd also missed out a couple of scheduled hill sessions, which I knew I could cause me problems on the Potters 'Arf route. However, I'd managed a really good training 10-mile run with Liz and Jo from Potters Trotters on the 31st May, then a fast Hanley parkrun on the 2nd June and also a good mid-week speed session in which I did my fastest ever kilometre. By Saturday night, I was a little bit more relaxed and ready to run... bring it on! Given that the start / finish line for the Potters 'Arf is only ab