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Soak Up The Sun

I did it! After three months of talking about it, blogging about it, training, stretching, pilates, and the interminable waiting of last week , I did it and I have the medal to prove it! My Medal My Sprint Finish! On Sunday 25th March, at just after 12.00pm, I completed the Stafford Half Marathon in a very pleasing and slightly surprising 1:58:08 (sub-2 hours in runners speak). That works out at just over 9 minutes per mile. I even managed a sprint finish - running the last 400 minutes in about 2 minutes. As you can tell from the before and after shots below, it was hard work on a very sunny and warm day. Before - Smiling! After - Still Smiling! Some thoughts on the race based on the music I was listening too as I ran: Ready To Go - this was my first experience of a big race - almost 2,000 participants completed the event. It was a bit of a scrum at the start but everyone was very friendly and I had a few conversations whilst we were waiting to start. Once