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Take Me Home Country Roads!

My Dad! It's been a bit quiet on the running and blogging front for the last few months... since the Potters' Arf back in June in fact. The summer weather never really came... and then my Dad's health deteriorated and I flew out to see him in France before he passed away in July. My Dad's battle with cancer had been a strong motivation for my first half marathon in March and for my fundraising for Cancer Research . I lost my running mo-jo for a while. Then a few weeks ago, the call came round at Potters Trotters  to persuade members to take part in the North Staffordshire Cross Country League - 4 events over approximately 5km on Saturday afternoons from September to December. I confess that I didn't sign up immediately - I think I was held back a little bit by memories of running through icy puddles around the rugby field on a cold and wintry day at parkrun in Glasgow back in January. Inspiration from London 2012 But during early September, as I starte