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Weather With You

I think I may be a fair weather runner.... the rain, hail, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures over the last couple of weeks seem to have an major impact on my motivation. I've had to force myself into my trainers to get out there and run. Sometimes, like yesterday when the wind and rain didn't stop, I haven't even got out of the front door at all. My parkrun times in April have been getting slower not quicker, although running through driving rain does seem a good excuse for being a little bit off PB pace. Long runs have been non-existant for the last three weeks, although I did manage some speed work and hill reps last week - mainly thanks to Kirsten's encouragement. Perhaps its just a natural lull after the excitement of achieving my half marathon goals in Stafford back in March. Or did I eat too much chocolate cheesecake in celebration? Maybe I just needed to let myself recover for a little bit longer, or I've reached a plateau. Perhaps I've been expecti