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An Injured Runner's Guide to Marathon Training

On Sunday 15th October, I'll be taking part in the first Birmingham International Marathon. With my two previous big city road marathons ( Manchester and London ), I followed a detailed training plan, incorporated speeds sessions, gradually built up my long run distances and went to the race start as prepared as I could be. In Manchester, everything on race day (except the course measurement) went according to plan. In London, the pre-race pressure I put on myself for a specific finish time got the better of me and the wheels came off at half distance; the rest of the day after the high point of Tower Bridge is just a painful blur. I'd had the same idea in mind for preparing for this race too. I signed up last year with a discount code earned by running in the Birmingham Half, probably the furthest in advance I've ever entered a race. I'd planned 12 weeks of structured training following my Race to the King adventure. I wanted to see if I could get close to my mara