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A New Challenge

I've spent a good couple of weeks trying to get my head around my new normal . I know that I am incredibly fortunate to have a secure job and am able to work safely at home. I've enjoyed being able to break up the work day with music or creating a meal in the slow cooker.  I know that having outside space and my little balcony is a real privilege. I've really enjoyed eating breakfast outside, especially in the recent sunshine.  I know that I have good friends and family members at the end of a video call for support. I have actually enjoyed navigating new technologies and I've even been on a podcast ! But some days have still been better than others.  I'm not sleeping as well as I usually do (and this helpful article probably explains why) but it's given me time to clean out bathroom cabinets and kitchen cupboards. I'm probably having too many mid-morning / mid-afternoon biscuit breaks (stay away from the fridge) but we are tryin