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During the first half of 2013, I've really enjoyed taking part in races as part of the annual competition by the  North Staffs Road Runners Association . There was the first race of the season in Alsager where I learnt about the importance of spotting the other "Ws", two hilly 10k races in Newcastle and Clayton , my accidental half marathon in Uttoxeter . Even the tough races at Westbridge and the Potters 'Arf  had moments of enjoyment, where I felt like I was accomplishing something as a runner. And my first season in NSRRA Group W has gone better than I could have hoped - six races, six wins. Last weekend, it was time for my seventh race - the Stone St Michaels 10k.  I didn't wake up on Sunday morning feeling enthusiastic about running - the weather was not inspiring and if I hadn't pre-entered and arranged a lift, I might have been tempted to give it a miss and have an extra couple of hours of sleep. But I did run - two laps round Stone in the rain w

Some Like it Hot

Relaxing before the Start! When you follow a training plan and execute your race strategy as planned, it feels great. That's what happened with my first marathon in Manchester  just six weeks ago. Everything came together on the day - weather, crowd support, pacing, fitness, hydration - and I ran the best race I could and delivered the fastest possible time. Yesterday I took on the hills of the Potters 'Arf - the local half marathon where I can walk to the start and then hobble home again after the race. It was sunny and warm, which was not so great for me, but brilliant for bringing out the spectators. The crowds were amazing and there was an endless supply of jelly babies around the course. But the race? Did the plan come together? Since the marathon, I've continued to race on a fairly regular basis, including three races in the North Staffs Road Runners, and taken part in the Bupa 10k in Manchester and parkrun events in Hanley, Leeds and Manchester. But I've

See Girl Run

Why do you run? That's a question I've been asked a lot over recent weeks and I've had plenty of time to come up with some answers, as I've actually not been running very much at all. Since my last race, the Clayton 10k , the tiredness, aches and twinges that I'd been feeling for a while caught up with me fully and I knew it was time for a rest. So instead of doing lots of running, I've been pondering about why I started running and why I continue to run, even when it hurts. I have managed a few memorable runs in the last couple of weeks though and they get a mention too. Running = Change I started running in February 2011 with the Coach to 5k podcasts. I'd been consciously working hard to lose weight and gain fitness after my weight reached an uncomfortable peak in 2010 - a combination of sedentary work-from-home life in my new home, very little exercise and lots of large but tasty dinners prepared with Mr T. Dramatic lifestyle changes were needed an