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Time to Run

I've been having an argument with myself for the last few weeks... deciding whether to run or not? Time is a bit short. I've had meetings and appointments and social events booked in. A new job to occupy my brain. The friend I was supposed to meet can't make it anymore and I don't really want to run on my own. The weather has been grim and evenings getting darker. I'm a bit tired and know I will feel like I am running really slowly.  Is there really time for a run? Can I really fit it in? Is it really worth it? The downside of having trained for and run ultramarathons is that my brain sometimes tells me that if you are not planning to run for 3 hours, is it really a run at all? To run or not? Well I don't have 3 hours and couldn't run for 3 hours anyway... so .... not? ----- Last Sunday, I went along to a performance at Etruria called ' Grit ' - a canal side performance about "women who stride, walk, jog and run" hosted by Urban Wilderness.