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Circle of Friends

Almost exactly three years ago, I started on a lose-weight-get-fit journey, which has taken me from someone who couldn't run for a bus to someone who has found an enjoyment in running that I would never have imagined and brought out a long-dormant sporting competiveness. I started out slowly, graduating from running on the Wii Fit to the wonderfully simple Couch to 5k programme , which prepared me for my first event, the 5k Race for Life in June 2011. I kept going and in March 2012 completed my first half marathon .  Just over a year later, in the year I turn 40, I conquered a marathon too and had the most amazing day at the Greater Manchester Marathon . I've taken on many different running challenges, including running in the Olympic Stadium , and loved most of them. I've lost weight and got much fitter than ever before in my adult life and perhaps most importantly, I've met some amazing people along the way and have an ever expanding circle of (running) friends. R