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When Saturday Comes

Are we nearly there yet? How many sleeps until next parkrun day? I love parkrun - I think that's pretty obvious if you take a look at my twitter feed, Facebook profile or previous blog posts . Since I started running at the start of 2011, when 5km seemed like a marathon, I've gradually gained confidence in my running and taken on new running challenges - including my biggest challenge yet at the Greater Manchester Marathon on April 28th. But most of my running week revolves around parkrun; whether I'm planning to run or volunteer, I don't like missing out. And I think parkrunning is good for me - it ticks all the boxes in the New Economic Foundation's Five Ways to Wellbeing anyway. But for the last few months, ever since I reflected on my parkrun birthday , I've been slowly and steadily parkrunning my way towards the highly vaunted milestone of 50 parkruns and membership of the parkrun 50 club . I completed my 40th parkrun at the New Year's Day parkrun

Snow Falling on Cedars*

I lined up on the startline of the Ashby 20 alongside Potters Trotters running buddies Bobbie and Liz with a great deal of trepidation. This was to be my longest run ever (I'd managed 18 miles last week) and much further than I'd ever raced before, with half marathon being my previous limit. I was pretty sure I could complete the distance, even if walking was required, but I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy the experience. And, more importantly, whether I might feel motivated to do more. For many people, Ashby 20 is a stepping stone to the Virgin London Marathon, or other spring marathons and there were 1,000 people taking part. I don't have a VLM place but I've been roughly following Liz and Bobbie's training schedule and this was the next step. I'd been receiving lots of encouragement to make the most of my training and good health and take on a marathon. Could I do it? Am I brave (or foolish) enough to sign up for a marathon myself? The Course Map