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Brave Enough

When I read Cheryl Strayed's  book " Wild " (now also a film with Reese Witherspoon), I was very much inspired by her story of walking the Pacific Crest Trail , up the west coast of the USA. The sheer scale of the endeavour, with most of her time spent on her own just walking with one foot in front of the other, was mind blowing. I'm not sure it made me want to walk hundreds of solitary miles, but it did make me wonder what was possible and what I'm capable of doing. Fast forward a couple of years, following an amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand (which looked like this):  Then illness, an operation, injury and a bit of exercise apathy. I needed a new challenge, something to distract me and something to get me fit again (lots of holiday cake to be exercised away). I've started playing netball again - go Team Knights - which has helped me with my fitness and has been brilliantly sociable. I've been making hundreds of cards for Rosedawn