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Take the High Road

The Games Mascot - Clyde Clyde-spotting became an every day activity The Floral Clyde on Glasgow Green Although our recent Scottish adventures didn't quite take us to the "bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond", we did get to join in several Loch Lomond sing-alongs at various venues for the Commonwealth Games, as well as walking on many high and low roads to get to our events. There were also ferry rides, train rides, bus rides and the occasional panic jog as watched 6 different sports across 10 different sessions at five different venues and sometimes struggled to find our way quickly around Glasgow. We got soaked by torrential rain storms, blown away by the wind and baked in the sun. It was a brilliant trip  - we also had time for crazy golf, afternoon tea and to catch up with old friends! A links course - the wind was definitely a factor! Afternoon tea at Kimble's! In between all the Commonwealth Games action, being away from