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A Good Year

So it's almost the end of 2013 and a time for reflection of what I've achieved in the last year and also for looking forward, setting new goals for 2014. It's certainly been an up-and-down year - I've turned 40 (hopefully without falling apart), we've lost some very special family members and friends and work has been challenging, busy and uncertain for me (and Mr T). Running has certainly been a big part of my life in 2013 - the word cloud below shows what I've been talking about on Facebook and the biggest word is definitely running: My year in words on Facebook: "club time mile running lots faster" But running has been much more than going outside and putting one foot in front of the other. It has been a distraction from the bigger issues, an outlet for stress at work, a fantastic way of spending time with friends and more recently my husband too, a great excuse for a weekend away, a way of challenging myself to face some fears, a route