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The Beachcomber

Time is about to be called on Big Trip 2015. We're at our final destination and have just a few days left of our travels to enjoy. We spent the Easter Bank Holiday weekend in Adelaide. It felt a little strange being back in a city, with traffic and people and shopping centres, but we managed to escape to see the sea on Good Friday - the sun shone on the first of the bank holidays as we joined an exodus from the city on the tram down to Glenelg. Blue skies, clear water, sunshine and ice creams followed by fish and chips back in the city with friends of friends... Just what bank holidays were made for! We also had time to explore a couple of museums and galleries - the South Australian Museum had an interesting exhibit with Antarctic connections which Jon got lost in for a while and I enjoyed the exhibits on indigenous arts and crafts as well. We found a Bradman exhibit at the State Library as well as a display of WW1 photos. I found an odd but definitely fascinating exhibiti