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I Swam In A Lake!

What are your highlights of 2018? How do you decide what makes one situation or experience the most significant moment of any day, week, month or year? Sometimes it's about a leap of faith, being out of your comfort zone, doing something you've never done before and might never do again. Occasionally it's something that is months in the planning and absolutely lives up to all expectations; or it can be a spur of the moment, catch a train at 6am and see what happens kind of moment. There are also those days where nothing really happens, but you're with special people who make you laugh and the rosy glow lasts far longer. It can be about personal fulfilment for an achievement all of your own doing or the special satisfaction that comes from team work or seeing special things happen in the lives of friends and family. It can be a book you read, a meal you eat, a place you visit, a film you see, a game you play or music you hear. It can be taking five minutes on a h