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Never Give Up!

It's been another busy week and my goal of getting back to running has not quite achieved... well, not yet anyway. On Tuesday, tiredness got the better of me and my planned run turned into a short walk... but at least I was out in the fresh air. On Thursday, I found myself at Silverdale Country Park for the Chelsea Burley Summer 5. It was almost an opportunity to run.... but I enjoyed volunteering instead. On Saturday, I was back down at Hanley Park for another lovely sunny parkrun - being run director for the 81st time. Again lots of hurrying about - especially when a van unexpectedly drove through the park - but no actual running! Another week almost over... What about a Sunday run? For the first time in about a month, I didn't have to set my alarm this morning. After a busy week and a couple of late nights (spending much needed down time with good friends), this was a welcome relief. I thought about going for a run (maybe) but then there was the minor distracti

When work feels like an ultramarathon

There was a beautiful sunset on Thursday evening... it would have been a perfect evening for a run. Unfortunately, after the busiest day of the year in my 'day job' at the university when exam results were released and clearing opened, I watched it through the window of my office. It was a rare moment of calm at the end of a very long day, which strangely reminded me of running an ultramarathon rather than a normal day at work. I'd slept restlessly, worried about sleeping through my alarm, and being late - much as I did the night before the Threshold Ultra in May. Ultramarathon Memories Staying hydrated and fuelled was priority number one for getting through the day. Some 'flat coke' and an energy gel would probably have really helped at about 4pm, but I made do with an extra cup of coffee, a cheese sandwich and a satsuma. By the time the last hour of our results-day shifts came around, I was definitely running an empty - my thoughts back in th

The best laid plans...

Last week was a good week ... I enjoyed running and felt a bit like my old self after the challenges of running in the mud at Thunder Run and a few days away to recharge my batteries . But this week? Well, it's safe to say that not everything has gone according to plan. I've missed out on planned runs for a whole host of reasons, some in my control and some not. The weather has got in the way and I've had to work extra hours this week. I've battled with technology and lost my keys. I've been playing catch up and not really managed it. But does that mean it's been a bad week? Definitely not; plans have changed but lots of good things have happened anyway I panicked thinking I was on the wrong train; then laughed out loud when I realised I was just sitting backwards not forwards and I was going the right way after all! I've been for a walk in the park on a beautiful summer's evening I've run with a friend for the first time in a long ti

A good week!

I finished last week's post with a challenge to myself, setting my alarm for an early morning run along the sea front in Brighton. Did I get up and run? Yes!  It was a lovely but warm start to the day and I managed four miles out and back along the promenade... it was good to run in a totally new place, without a route in mind, although keeping the sea in view made it quite simple to avoid getting lost.  I didn't worry about how fast I was running, stopping to take photos then run along the stony beach for a while (meaning I could tick off another one of the challenges in our Potters Trotters Summer Challenge 2019 too). I also scoped out the location of the Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf course.... where I managed two holes in one later in the day. It felt good just to run.... And so it has continued this week.  My runs have been relatively short and certainly not fast. But I've just enjoyed running. On Tuesday, it was up to Apedale