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Climb Every Mountain!

All through the cross country events, runners seemed to talk about the last race in Leek in hushed tones. "Have you done Leek before?" they ask, smiling knowingly when you say "no, this will be my first time". So what is it about the cross country at Westwood Park in Leek that has everyone so worried, that has people missing out on the final event saying "I don't do Leek!? Well, there's this hill. It's called "Killer Hill" and, apart from a brief interlude taking a circuit around a field at the bottom of the hill, the course basically involves running up and down it.  Snow on the Distant Hills It was a bit chilly (snow on the hills), but lovely and sunny when we arrived at Westwood to check out the course and scope out "that hill".  As before, we arrived a little bit early, in time to watch the junior races and could see first hand the challenge presented in climbing it. It was going to be tough... And the ground un