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A Million to One

After last week’s muddy escapades at Thunder Run, I’ve completed another parkrun milestone - my 50th different parkrun location - at Gladstone parkrun in NW London. It was a lovely venue and apparently you can see Wembley Stadium from the top part of the course. I didn’t spot it though, as I was running without my glasses – it was chucking it down and reduced visibility from no glasses was preferable to rain streaks. But apart from that, I’ve switched off from running and focused on enjoying a few days off work and away from home… we’ve packed a lot in so far: Travelling by train on the hottest day in July (ever?) from Stoke to London – we were just glad we made it in the end as so many trains were cancelled in the heat A frenetic 16 overs at Lord’s on Friday – rain delayed play at the start of the game but once underway, it was all over very quickly A whistle-stop visit to Brent Cross to buy some running leggings (after I forgot to pack) then a lovely walk in Highgate on F

Pandas in the Mud!

This weekend has been the running adventure that is Thunder Run. .. a running event at Catton Park in Derbyshire that involves a 10k trail loop and teams or individuals trying to complete as many laps as they can in 24 hours. Here's a teaser for a proper review of the weekend.... Thunder Run in 10 words Laughter Burgers Prosecco Friends Support Rain Mud Fear Tiredness Darkness Pandas I'll fill in the rest of the story as the week goes on... because right now I'm really tired and really need to sleep but really don't want to miss a week on my blogging challenge... but let's just say it was eventful and there was even a little bit of running (although not as much as planned). In the meantime, thanks to the Rock Solid Pandas, we had a blast!


I did it! On Saturday 13th July, I completed my 250th parkrun. It's been quite a journey... I completed my first parkrun on 12th November 2011 - it was Hanley parkrun's 8th event and there were 39 runners taking part, quite a few of whom were there yesterday too, either running or volunteering. I was a volunteer for the first time on the 14th January 2012. My first parkrun tourism was to Pollock parkrun in Glasgow on 28th January 2012 - it was a freezing cold day and we ran through icy puddles on their alternative cross country course.  It didn't deter me. In fact, it's fair to say I was hooked... parkrun has been an ever present part of life since then.  I reached the milestone of 50 parkruns in April 2013 and proudly received my 50 t-shirt from Hanley parkrun's originator Tommy Hill. I started run directing at roughly the same time. Mr T started his parkrunning adventures later that year (coinciding with a Doctor Who-themed fancy dre

Anything is Possible!

What a weekend! Since Friday, I've been at parkrun's annual conference, held this year at Warwick University's campus near Coventry. It's the fourth time I've been invited through my volunteer role as a parkrun ambassador and it's been an amazing privilege. I've laughed. I've cried, I've danced, I've tried to hook a duck, I've eaten my dinner sitting on a hay bale, I've stayed up late and got up early, I've caught up with old friends and made new ones, I've worn fancy dress, I've got stuck in not one but two traffic jams, I've run round 9 roundabouts in 4 miles, I've played disco bingo, I've lost a pakrun flag (sorry Jane), I've completed my 249th parkrun and I've been inspired by the Ugandan Crew from Burgess parkrun.     I'm home now. I'm really tired; 2 hours of sleep tired, and writing words in the right order is proving really difficult. But I've been reminded that an