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Roobarb and Custard

"It's all gone quiet" said Rhubarb. "Too quiet" said Custard. Three months have gone by since my last blog post and it feels like it might be almost that long since I went for a run. I've dragged myself round cross country courses at Winsford, Stafford Common and Leek without too much enthusiasm, completed a few more parkruns, and been out with my running club much less frequently than usual. It's been a struggle - a combination of work trips, ill health and apathy have seen my trainers abandoned in the hall way and achieving my mileage target for 2014 looking less and less likely. Is this the end? Have I actually lost my running mojo? I wrote a post on the Potters Trotters blog trying to motivate myself as well as my club mates. I concluded the post by deciding I need to get back back to my running roots: I 'm not sure I've quite found the answer yet for getting my mojo back.... But I'm sure that it will come back and I'm hoping it