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On the Waterfront

A Half Marathon? In Blackpool? In February? Are you sure that's a good idea? Hoping for Calm Seas! Stormy seas, freezing temperatures, biting winds, driving rain.... just some of the images conjured up when you think about Blackpool in the winter - not really appealing for my first half marathon since the Potters 'Arf last June . But I was persuaded to sign up for the Great North West Half Marathon by the promise of a flat-ish course and a fun day out with my Potters Trotters running buddies Liz and Bobbie... Designer Sunglasses! As it turned out, the sea was calm, the rain stayed away, the wind was cold but manageable (at least when running south) and the sun even came out for a little while to give me the opportunity to try out my new Blaze running sunglasses (won in a competition from Women's Running Magazine ). The course was flat-ish as promised and all the signs were good for a fast time and hopefully a new PB. The race started and finished just outside

Pretty in Pink

Sunday 3rd February was my first race of 2013, the Alsager 5, and it was a grey and rainy start to the morning. The main dilemma pre-race was how many layers of clothes were required... should I keep my rain jacket or just get a bit damp but not get too warm. In the end I think I got it right - no jacket, short sleeve t-shirt and Potters Trotters vest, my new nike running skapris with hat and gloves! I even wearing Brooks trainers... matching the main sponsors of the race. It's all about the look! Pink Vest, Pink Hat! It was the expected scrum at the start with almost 800 runners in a relatively narrow street but after a couple of hundred metres, everything settled down and it was easy enough to get up to my planned running pace. My aims for the race were to run as hard as I could and try to get close to 42 minutes. I was hoping to run at an even pace, not too fast at the start, and then have enough strength of mind and body to sustain my speed over the full five miles. I s