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The A Team

I love it when a plans come together... Over the last few weeks, I've been putting in the miles in training and doing a range of long and short runs, speed work and hill sessions.  I've been getting faster in those training runs and at the St Thomas 7 managed to break 59 minutes for 7 miles and put together my most satisfying run for a long time - practically perfect in every way ! I also returned to the cross country and was back at Winsford  at the end of September for another satisfying run in the first race of the season for the North Staffs Cross County League . The approximately 5,000metre course was definitely closer to 4 miles than 3 miles but I still recorded an average speed of approximately 5:10mins/km and finished in 81st place - a much higher finish than I managed last year. What was even more satisfying, though, was that we had more than enough runners from Potters Trotters to record a team score... something we didn't manage at all last year. Bobbie and I